"You have lives to transform,

Starting with Your Own!”

A passion for life, for work, and for people.

Yvette believes that together we can create all-inclusive business environments where everyone can flourish and be at their natural best, and be empowered to keep climbing toward the best version of themselves every day.

With a focus on women in technology, Yvette brings new thinking to leaders, inspiring them to take action and drive positive change within their organizations. Committed to values versus comfort, Yvette works tirelessly to lead initiatives and empower individuals, providing them with the skills to become a better version of themselves. She is an expert in developing readymade tools that inspire organizations and people to take action. She achieves this with the intensity and desire to make a real difference, by challenging the status quo and creating a shift, no matter how big or small, in the lives of others.

Today, as a leader at the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, Yvette leads highly successful teams that help enterprises reach their desired business outcomes by creating an environment in which they thrive. She’s worked with enterprises in a variety of industries including healthcare, media, retail, and consumer products.

Described as “helping women take the road less traveled and inspiring them to pave a path where there is no road,” Yvette is a technology consultant, a keynote speaker, an author, and is quickly becoming recognized as a public figure of influence. Yvette has appeared on TEDx and has been featured in news outlets including Huffington Post Live, Ladies Home Journal, New York Post, New York Times, Dr. Oz and BetterTV.

Yvette’s story has become her mission, to serve as an agent of change, helping women spread their wings in diverse and inclusive environments, where their voices and perspectives are heard anywhere decisions are made.

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