Celebrate YOU, not the Holiday

Today will land differently for many. So, instead of tapping into the commercialism of saving expressions of love, being nice or doing nice things for one day, I invite everyone (whether you are in a relationship or not) to practice self love by spending a little extra time indulging in self love. Showing yourself love and appreciation for who you are and all you do. Treat yourself to something that makes your heart sing. Don’t celebrate the holiday, celebrate YOU!

For those in relationships, today is a day to celebrate the love we feel for others. But for many of us not in relationships, today can feel especially challenging.

Fact is – love comes and goes but more important than the love we share with others is the love we FEEL for OURSELVES. It all starts within. We can’t fully love another or receive love from another if we don’t FIRST LOVE OURSELVES.

Remember this – your relationship status in NO WAY defines you self worth. That you don’t nee a partner to complete you because you are already complete, whole and wonderful. JUST AS YOU ARE!

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