Living Fearlessly in Fearful Times

For me, it’s not just what appears to be the never ending pandemic because as a black woman there has always been this shroud of fear in my daily life. There actually was a time in my life where “home” wasn’t even a safe place. Even there I was on constant guard. Not knowing what I was walking into when I crossed the threshold and then walking on eggshells while there. Living in a constant state of fear and/or walking on eggshells is no way to live. To be honest, looking back at those times, I now know I wasn’t actually living, I was just existing and surviving.

For those who can’t relate that’s your privilege, but going into year 2 of a pandemic recurring fear may be something now you may be experiencing. So, I’m here to share with you a little reminder from someone who has lived in fear for most of her life – time is limited and there’s only one you for all time so why not live fearlessly? No, I’m not saying don’t be afraid or not to have fear. Not at all.

What I’m saying is this – a life lived in fear is a life half lived (trust me). Living fearlessly doesn’t mean you don’t have fear or can’t be afraid. Living fearlessly is recognizing and acknowledging your fear but being brave enough to walk through it.

I’m not here to regurgitate platitudes about living outside your comfort zone etc. I’m just sharing a lesson I learned which continues to remind me that I was put on this earth to achieve my greatest self and to live out my purpose. And the only way I can do that is by moving beyond the fear or fearing what comes next by living my truth and my passions by living fearlessly.  I learned that I can’t do anything as long as I’m afraid of what might happen. Staying in a place of fear clouded opportunities, erased possibilities and limited my ability to move beyond where I was at – a place (i.e., in my mother’s house, in an empty relationship with my boyfriend, in a job I absolutely hated etc.) that I didn’t want to be. I’ve learned, no matter how difficult I think a problem is, I gotta muster up the courage to face it. I no longer allow fear to rule my life or fearing what comes next. By doing so I’ve been able to unlock my creativity, live a life that surpasses every dream I’ve ever had, live in my truth, compassionately face my flaws, find my peace and myself, step into my courage and kick open the doors/walls/windows and blaze my own trail to success.

So, now…I have a question for you.

How would your life look if you lived it fearlessly?

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