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The Melanin Pearls Podcast features two very successful corporate executives, Yvette Schmitter and Ericka Shoulars, diving deep into discussions with their village on how to visualize your best self and show up as her as well as life tested frameworks to transform your life while paying it forward.

Latest episode

Helping Others Achieve Success

Episode: 21

Duration: 28:51 minutes

Published: 29-09-2021

other episodes

Unlocking Your Potential

Episode: 20

Duration: 31:14 minutes

Published: 15-09-2021


Episode: 19

Duration: 33:26 minutes

Published: 01-09-2021

Urban Farms: How Urban Farms Are Helping Communities in Need

Episode: 18

Duration: 15:52 minutes

Published: 18-08-2021

The Power of “NO”

Episode: 17

Duration: 31:50 minutes


Episode: 15

Duration: 41:48 minutes

Published: 07-07-2021

Career Checkpoint: Are You Ready for Mid-Year Reviews?

Episode: 16

Duration: 30:12 minutes

Published: 21-07-2021

Episode 14: Food Deserts

Episode: 14

Duration: 39:37 minutes

Published: 23-06-2021

Our Favorite Things

Episode: 13

Duration: 33:23 minutes

Published: 09-06-2021

Meditation May: Practical Lessons from a Meditation Teacher

Episode: 11

Duration: 27:00 minutes

Published: 26-05-2021

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